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The problem?

Sexual pleasure is still taboo, and because of this sex-ed resources are few and far between, even some medical resources get the clitoris wrong. This leaves many of us feeling confused about our bodies and with a niggling feeling there is more to sexuality but aren’t sure what questions to ask or where to ask them.

Our Mission.

We want to bring female anatomy into the light and talk, focusing on pleasure and bodily autonomy, in a visual, interactive way.

How does AoP help?

We explore the anatomy you didn’t get taught in school, (probably because they didn’t know about it themselves) through medically accurate 3D interactive models. Be guided through ‘lessons’ and get badges for your work.

We start a discussion about pleasure, informed by sexology and sex therapy research; investigating what can block pleasure, hear stories of other people's pleasure journey’s and see other people's pleasure maps, and make your own.