The uterus (or womb) 

That’s right, the uterus is involved in pleasure too! When the body is feeling very aroused the uterus is pulled forward towards the front, in the direction of your stomach or belly button and contracts pleasurably on orgasm.

When you become really turned on, the uterus is pulled forward by the round ligament, which is actually a thin muscle that attaches the uterus to the muscles under the vulva skin. When the round ligament tightens, the uterus (and cervix) is pulled forward while also creating a nice tight feeling in the vulva. As the uterus, and the cervix moves forward the very top or back of the vagina is then exposed. It is this exposed area that can be very pleasurable. This is what you can see demonstrated in the illustrations below.(Winston, 2010)

When people talk about ‘cervical orgasms’, when there is penetration of this deep vagina area, this is usually what they refer to; the deep, top part of the vagina wall rather than the actual cervix.If the person isn’t fully aroused, or not quite in the mood and/or the cervix hasn’t moved forward, out of the way, any penetration may bump against the cervix, which can be painful. However you can always go to you doctor if you are concerned about a health issue.

If penetration of the deep vagina is pleasurable to you that is wonderful. If it is something you find tender, that is ok, there no pressure to move to penetration. Taking a break or pleasuring the clitoris or doing anything else you know you enjoy and that relaxes and excites you could be an idea to get you back to pleasure.

Sometimes people call this ‘foreplay’ but this wording can suggest that it only happens before the penetration, which is the ‘main event’, which of course it doesn’t have to be. There is so much play that doesn’t involve any penetration that can feel great, its really up to you at the end of the day. However we suggest that concentrating on the ‘play’ and enjoying whatever pleasure the body experiencing, be it in the arms, the legs, earlobes, nipples, clitoris or deep vagina.

Either way for some people, sometimes this can be an intense area to explore so please be gentle with yourself, if any emotions come up; happy/sad/angry/overwhelmed/confused/joyful, just allow them and sit with them. Trying to squash them usually means they will come up later on anyway, so you might as well be kind to them while they are there.

The uterus also contracts very pleasurably upon orgasm, these are similar to the contractions experienced during menstrual cramping and labour. There is anecdotal evidence of some people experiencing ‘orgasmic birth’, though there isn’t much research into this yet sadly. However there are many parallels between birth and orgasm, such as these uterine contractions and some of the hormones released, sadly this is currently outside the scope of this website.  

(Mayberry et al, 2016) (Winston, 2010)

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