Anatomy Of Pleasure: Female

Welcome to The Anatomy of Pleasure

This is a introduction to the parts of the body that can feel great but often get left out of conversation, textbooks and media. 

Feel free to use this as a rough guide to touch, see and explore your own body if you have a vulva. You may notice that you don’t look or feel exactly like these descriptions, and that is normal as there is a huge array of difference between people and all vulvas are beautiful. This is also true of intersex and neo-genitalia, no two people on the planet are the same anatomically, just as no two people would have the same face or like the same food!

This anatomy is a description of a ‘textbook’ anatomical female, we recognise there is a huge array of wonderful anatomy that varies upon this particular configuration of organs, including trans genitalia and intersex bodies. We also recognise there is a population who have undergone female genital mutilation, sadly this is currently outside the scope of the website.





just a few things before we start...


You never have to do anything with your body that you don’t want to

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Only do things with your body you enjoy!



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your. body. is. yours.

and is for your pleasure.



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listen to your body


don't forget to be kind to yourself


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great, now we've got that sorted




 before you enjoy getting to know your vulva

and/or our digital one



here are some key words you'll need to know....



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key words: 1/5



pleasure : a nice feeling


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key words: 2/5

arousal : 


Feeling aroused:

Feeling turned on, or excited or feeling erotic


being physically aroused:

There are also physical changes associated with arousal, where awareness or blood flow increases to your genitals, your heart rate quickens and your skin maybe more sensitive to touch. Also feeling aroused and being aroused don't always go together in perfect unison, and there may be some other emotions mixed in there too. This is very normal. Arousal isn’t always constant, there are varying degrees of arousal, arousal comes and goes, one could be aroused for a few hours or a few minutes.


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key words: 3/5

erectile tissue : 

A type of tissue that on arousal, when blood flows it to it, it doesn’t flow out, but holds on to it, causing the tissue to engorge. Male and female have the exact same amount of erectile tissue, it just is distributed differently and responds slightly differently.





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key words: 4/5

orgasm and ejaculation aren't the same thing and don't have to happen at the same time, but for males commonly do.


ejaculation : 

Ejaculation is: a release of liquid, usually from the urethra (pee hole)


It is generally less common for females to ejaculate but when they do that is also great, though everybody has the anatomical capacity to ejaculate it can be trickier for some to access, and currently many never do. There is no pressure to ejaculate and as always what matters is what feels good to you. The female ejaculate (sometimes called amrita) is made up of clear ‘antigen containing’ fluid that is thought to be involved with the immune system. There is some urine also in female ejaculate, but this is also totally normal and urine is sterile and nothing to be worried or embarrassed about. Female ejaculate is something to enjoy and feel great about when/if it happens, but not a failure if it doesn’t.


This is the same fluid as males ejaculate but without the sperm, which is why it has a clear appearance. Males typically ejaculate a fluid called semen (cum) which is a mix of these clear antigen-containing fluids and sperm, which is why the appearance of semen is more creamy.

Remember: Any body fluids that come from a pleasurable experience are great! Even if there is some clean up afterwards.



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key words: 5/5

orgasm : 

orgasm: is a consequence of pleasure! Its a build up and release of pleasurable energy.


Orgasm usually occurs when a build-up of pleasure hits a threshold, like when you blow up a balloon. You blow up the balloon with pleasure and then eventually, the pressure will build and then ‘pop’, or if you are filling up a cup it will eventually overflow.

Many sex therapists advise to focus on the feelings in your body, and enjoying the pleasurable ride, rather than starting with the goal to reach orgasm. Some people  find that if the ‘goal’ of sex is orgasm, it can take them out of their body and in to their heads, which is less pleasurable.There isn’t one set type of orgasm, the quality and sensation of them can vary, they can have different emotions associated with them. There is no right or wrong type of orgasm


Apart from respecting other people's boundaries there are no ‘shoulds’ in sexuality as is very individual and should be fun so relax and enjoy and don’t forget to be kind to yourself!



Great thanks, got it. Take me to..... 

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