Clitoral complex 

clitoral complex illustration.png

The clitoral complex is an anatomical term (so don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it before) for the close relationship between the clitoris, the urethra or urethral sphincter and the low-down area at the base of the vagina. The urethral sphincter, sometimes known as the ‘urethral sponge’, is a tubular muscle that allows the urethra to open and close to let urine out and then close when you are finished or want to stop peeing, it can also be pleasurable when you are feeling turned on.

The clitoral complex (the areas highlighted above in the illustration) share a blood supply and nerve source. This means when it comes to pleasure they are very interconnected, for example its thought that when pleasurable pressure is applied to the base of the vagina (green) through penetration or stroking, the clitoris and urethra are also being activated. Also by stroking the head (glans) of the clitoris, the internal bulbs can become excited and start to swell, in turn making the base of the vagina feel sensitive.

As you can see above the clitoral bulbs wrap around the urethra and the base of the vagina. The internal portion of the clitoris, particularly the clitoral bulbs are made of erectile tissue, and swell when a person becomes turned on or aroused, pressing on the vagina and urethral sphincter.


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