getting turned on: what changes?


Anatomically there are many changes in the female body. The internal erectile tissue of the clitoris swells, putting pressure on the vagina and urethra, more of this is ‘clitoris’ and ‘clitoral complex’ . Also the uterus moves forward, in the direction of the belly button as does the cervix, this exposes the back wall of the deep vagina. More on this in ‘uterus’ and ‘vagina’.

Pleasure and feeling turned on are equally psychological as they are physical.

Sexual pleasure is a direct extension of other, regular kinds of pleasure, every bit as good as fun as a day at the beach, a massage, or a cool breeze, feeling good on your skin. You will have your own equivalent, whatever would make you feel alive and excited or happy. Like the rest of life, sometimes it takes some time to figure out what you like and learn how to feel good about that.   

 The whole body has a HUGE capacity for pleasure, every inch of skin has sensation receptors inside it.  Where do you like to touch yourself non-sexually? the back of your neck? Tops of your arms?

The clitoris is a centre of sexual pleasure for many people who own a clitoris. When a person with a clitoris feels excited and aroused the bulbs of the clitoris (that are made of erectile tissue) swell and expand , surrounding the vagina, underneath the skin of the vulva as you see here.  

This is why stroking the vagina, the inner lips and skin of the vulva can feel so good because underneath there is this organ devoted to sexual pleasure. Its important not to forget the rest of the body can feel good too, the arms, lips. Breasts. Legs, feet, wrists, neck, knees, forehead, earlobes…...               

 When did you last touch any of these body parts in a pleasurable, loving way?