the vulva

Welcome, the vulva has a huge potential for pleasure, as do the nipples, ears and the entire body! sometimes people confuse the vulva for the vagina but the vulva is the collective name for all the external genitalia; the skin areas of pleasure, as you’ll see below. However everyone might have their own name that they prefer like pussy or yoni, it’s up to you what you call all your best parts.

Skin is an organ and is full of nerve endings, capable of receiving all kinds of wonderful sensation and pain too. The vulva is the skin you see pictured below, it includes everything inside the outer lips (outer labia). The skin is capable of pleasure in its own right and as a gateway to the pleasurable structures underneath it (which you can see more of in the other sections). While not part of the vulva officially, the anus, is also an area that can be pleasurable under the right circumstances, though not everybody enjoys this.



what vulvas look like in real life 

combo panel 10.jpg

Gynodiversity is a project about Vulva diversity.

All vulvas are beautiful and come in all different shapes, sizes, hairiness and colours, some people choose to shave or wax various amounts of hair, others choose to let their vulva hair grow.

Gynodiversity are collecting and documenting all the amazing variation between vulvas. You'll see how no two are the same! You can also add your own to the catalogue, or you can stay and browse them below.

(reprinted with permission from Gynodiversity)



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