anatomy of pleasure (3d) intro

“When the entire network is thoroughly engorged [aroused], a woman will tend to have the most fulfilling orgasmic response. It's as if an entire orchestra was engaged in a symphony. Unfortunately, though, since they don't know it's all there, many women are only playing with part of their equipment, thus limiting their erotic adventures. " Sheri Winston

Expand screen for the full experience. Zoom in and Rotate!

Double-clicking the background re-centers the model

Middle mouse click/ or hold two fingers down on a trackpad, to move side to side.

This is a 3D model based on the journals of Urologist Helen O’Connoll 1998-2008. However it is also based on the anatomical data of a few people and as discussed before everyone has the same main features but they will always be arranged a little differently so. Think of this like a train map, it tells you where things are but it isn’t 100% geographically accurate.


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