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Alakina Mann, Fine Artist and Medical Illustrator

Alakina Mann, Fine Artist and Medical Illustrator

Who is behind AoP?

Anatomy of Pleasure is a project that evolved out of my thesis in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy at Glasgow University in 2018.

I Graduated from a Fine Art Painting degree in London in 2015 and worked as a fine artist and illustrator. My fine art practice involved large scale autobiographical drawings of the body, exploring the connection between mind and body. By omission, my drawings highlighted to me the areas I was not willing to discuss or draw; the sexual areas of the body. I also realised how little I really knew about them.

This was the catalyst, as well as a lifelong fascination with the body, that lead me to undertake a review of sex anatomy during my Masters in Med Vis. My thesis title was “Can interactive, 2D and 3D imaging effectively educate the general public on the anatomy of female pleasure?” (I found that it could to the degree of 34% (n=30) increase in knowledge). I found that interactive technologies were an intriguing, empathetic, fun and effective way of communicating with a wide audience.

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Chapter contribution, lead-author, Medical Visualisation, Publisher; Springer Nature.

Speaker at Medical Visualisation Conference II, Glasgow, 03/12/2018

Credit. 3D model: Alakina Mann. Colour and Render: Timi Kosa

Credit. 3D model: Alakina Mann. Colour and Render: Timi Kosa

About Anatomy of Pleasure

During my thesis I began to realise that the taboo around sexual pleasure had also effected medical textbooks, in how they image and describe sexual anatomy. The most common inaccuracy is the clitoris, its only function is pleasure, yet is it very rarely describe in those terms. When it is images in textbooks it is often imaged in an incomplete and confusing way.

As I hope you may have seen by now, the clitoris is a large organ 9-11cm long, it starts at the top of the vulva, it then splits in half just before the urethra and straddles the vagina, near its base. Often in books the ‘clitoris’ is only described as the small ‘glans’ or ‘head’ of the clitoris that sits in the vulva. This is like saying, you only have thumbs, and forgetting to mention the other four fingers, they are all part of the hand, and work together to get things done.

I found there was very little discussion of sexual pleasure, as a normal function or sense of the body, like touch or smell. The more I researched the more questions I had, like where does female ejaculate come from, and does everyone have the potential to do it? (yes they do), what is its purpose? (probably to protect the bladder from infection but there is very little research on the subject)

If male ejaculate is called ‘semen’ then what is ‘female ejaculate’ called? (I haven’t gotten to the bottom of this one yet, so I borrowed from Tantra, they call it ‘Amrita’)

So, if medical resources are often incomplete or unhelpful, so no wonder there are so few good public education resources. Although thankfully this is changing and there are more and more people getting involved with the sex-positivity movement, talking honestly and openly about sex and body.



Watch this space. We’d love your support to be able to image and discuss this miraculous anatomy in a through way. We believe this is a thoroughly under discussed and underrated subject that is important to many people and impacts many lives.